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Man to Man – Book Review

January 11, 2010

We here at the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry receive many e-mails from Catholics looking for worthy causes to support.  We usually answer these e-mails by pointing to the growing list on the Reform CCHD Coalition web-site which includes many notable Catholic charities and organizations.  These fine charities are all in need of your support and do excellent work in helping the destitute and spreading the faith.  BVM now has another suggestion, namely purchasing Fr. James Farfaglia’s excellent new book, Man to Man.

You may be wondering how purchasing a book can support a worthy cause.   Fr. James Farfaglia’s website states that all proceeds from his book will be used to found a Catholic elementary school:

Man to Man speaks both eloquently and bluntly to men about all issues pertaining to Catholic family life including love vs. lust, pornography, the raising of children, openness to life, leadership, and authentic spirituality.  Fr. Farfaglia’s decidedly masculine approach is exactly what men need to help navigate the unprecedented pressures of these troubled times.  The book is easily read in the space of several hours, but the impact will be felt for a lifetime.  Man to Man, along with Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s Three to Get Married should be required reading for all husbands and those contemplating marriage and makes for an excellent wedding or graduation gift.

Remember, by purchasing Man to Man, not only will you be providing spiritual ammunition for yourself or a loved one, you will be helping to establish an excellent Catholic school where the Faith will be imparted for generations to come.

To purchase or for more information, please visit the Man to Man web-site.

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